We work directly with a independent, family run manufacturer, based in Pakistan fronted by a female Entrepreneur. A percentage of the sale of each of our SCUF totes will go back to the workers who made it. We hope to scale with them and develop together.



Our products are designed to last. We dont want to be a fast fashion brand. We believe in developing simple practical products that dont need to be replaced because they look good, work well and are manufactured to last.



Our Bags are made from extremely heavy weight woven cotton. We favoured cotton over synthetic material as we wanted to use a natural material made from a renewable resource wherever possible and appropriate.



Unlike the material we chose synthetic Nylon and Polyester for the thread. Natural threads don't perform as well as synthetics under tensile loads. They also perish more readily under UV exposure.  We wanted to ensure the strength of the bags construction so picked a thread that would ensure the bag would last for years to come.